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translation by Pikeish, the sweetheart <3

Shigeguni Clause

Yachiru: Granpaa--!! Here you go!!

Yamamoto: Uh!?

Rangiku: Soutaichou~ <3
Renji: Soutaichou!!
Rukia: Soutaichou-dono!!

*Yama Jii's reading Byakuya's letter*

Hitsugaya: Everyone.. everyone's in a spree/in high spirits without doing their work.. don't you think?

Ichigo: Y..You're right!!

Hisagi: It's girl's play!!

Tetsuzaemon: Can't go along with them!!

Izuru: Why don't they just go and stop forcing themselves......

ROFL This is too funny. Ichigo fits so well with the SS gang. He's sure not a human anymore XDDDD(Солнц,ты ведь переведешь это,плииз.)

Второе,репортаж с Джамп Феста
Originally Posted by sketchbaka
More info on Jump Festa, thanks to Annie for informing me the sсript

Note: Yusa is Gin's seiyuu. Onosaka is Hirako's seiyuu

- At first when they were instructed to sit, Oririn sat while feeling nervous and unsure so Morita and others asked her, "Are you ok?" The seat was something like counter's seat, it's a tall seat with a ring below it, so Oririn laugh and said, "You can put your feet here."

Yesterday, Kubo mentioned about scenes that have most impact to reader:
1. Scene when Ulquiorra was defeated
2. When vaizards made appearance
3. Hiyori got slashed, Hirako shouted and Ichigo went down

Yusa's -> When Aizen told Inoue his true intention (Gin was there but he didn't sfpeak so Yusa was not called)

Onosaka's -> Scene when Hirako said, "When you're still inside your mother's womb" He said that he got really angry when he read the Turn Back the Pendulum arc. He can't forgive Aizen's betrayal, so when he dubbed it, he shouted with all his soul.

Oririn's Nii-sama's fight with Zomari, "Because you point your blade at my pride." Oririn declared, "Nii-sama moe~!"

Morita's Ichigo's full hollowfication, because dubbing hollow Ichigo's screams are hard

The guests have to draw a character without reference. Yesterday theme was Hirako and the winner was Yusa, Kubo was the judge. Today's theme is Gin. They have to draw in 3 minutes, then it will be judged by audience's applause. The winner is Yusa after all.

Oririn's Gin looked very cute and young, like your ordinary classmate.
Morita's Gin was pretty much similar but the hair bangs were too much and there was Aizen somewhere in the back.
Yusa's Gin looked like a long faced and fresh-looked tennis coach (there's comment that Oririn may look good in knickerbockers)

- Kubo made a songlyric for Burimyu for the first time

- There will be 4th movie, more information in next Jump. At 31 Dec, 8 AM, during Fade To Black airtime, Ichigo will announce something about the 4th movie.

- Yusa, Morita and Onosaka said that they can't wait to appear again. But then others complained that Morita is the hero and should have appeared a lot already but Morita said there were time when Ichigo didn't appear for 9 weeks.

- For the stage apparance, apparently Oririn came up with a story just minutes before the actual stage. Together with Morita, they secretly wrote the sсript at the backstage. They did this so there will be more guests coming.

Announcer, "Today's alumnies (guests) are these two!!"
(without showing up, only Ichigo and Rukia's voices were heard)
Ichigo & Rukia, "IchiRuki, Short Comic Play!"
Rukia, "Stair That Couldn't be Climbed" it's a title
Rukia, "Ichigo, there's a stair"
Ichigo, "Aah, looks so."
Rukia, "Ichigo, you go first."
Ichigo, "No, Rukia you go first."
Rukia, "You go,"
Ichigo, "No, you go"
Ichigo, "Argh, then let's climb together."
Rukia, "Ok then."

Then the door opened, Morita and Oririn crab-walking to the stage.

^ They really said IchiRuki as in I.C.H.I.R.U.K.I.

И третье,версии календаря

Originally Posted by Annie


@настроение: Нелл-чан,аригато!

@темы: ИчиРуки, Мои ПЧ

2009-12-25 в 01:14 

ЫЫЫЫЫЫ так мило) Все переведу, на выходных а сейчас уже спать)
Риана *____________* аригато)

2009-12-25 в 01:15 

Не за что,солнц!Спокойной ночи.

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